sarah wilson-reissmann

Hi, I'm Sarah, a UX Designer based in Hamburg. 

A creative problem solver and user expert with a Master's in Psychology and over ten years experience advocating for customers and communication, I'm passionate about strategizing, designing, and implementing solutions that bridge user experience and business goals.

Read on. If you'd like to read my CV or check out my full portfolio, send me an email here. In the meantime, find me on LinkedIn or XING

How I got into UX

Bridging my passion for people (and how they operate) with my fascination with tech and tech products, I realized that UX brings together so many of my interests and strengths: strategic problem solving, curiosity about why humans make the decisions they do, project management, and content creation / design. All roads lead to UX!

What I've been working on recently

Lately I've been teaching myself JavaScript, and diving into the technical side of product development as a product owner in order to be a better designer. I'm aiming to be able to code my own prototypes by summer 2020. 

What I'm passionate about

Ethical tech, responsible capitalism, accessibility, the complexity of the human experience. Oh, and brewing kombucha and taking my grilling game to the next level. 

How can I help? 

Reach out and let's chat!